Solving The MURDER In The Game of CLUE!
This is Minecraft CLUE! We have to figure out who is missing and why!
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  • ellie Herida
    ellie Herida

    ZaNa si so fanny

  • The Mnisi Family
    The Mnisi Family

    I now it is kc

  • Vincent Acabado
    Vincent Acabado

    5:26 aphmau said s word !!!!!!!!!

  • Xavier Bocanegra
    Xavier Bocanegra

    Kawaiichan:*gasps* Me: kawaiichan, your love is…😵

  • Rawan Fakhoury I am huge fan
    Rawan Fakhoury I am huge fan

    You guys are the best bludiers ever I also have minecraft but I can't build every time a try to build a house its looks like a cafe


    im thinking all about only among us

  • Lashanda Brown
    Lashanda Brown

    Mdtt HR sewOK I found up how how do you Zane got housing fake he was dead

  • Alissa Chan
    Alissa Chan

    The sassy way she said aphmau: Zane that’s a goftcart

  • Sakura Noor Hana
    Sakura Noor Hana

    Karen bro light blue (I forgot his name)

  • Nis Miauu Miauu
    Nis Miauu Miauu

    Well i have seen that button since zane was talking and the light goes off but i already seen that button and its where zane hide 🤣

  • Noel Cristian Bernardo
    Noel Cristian Bernardo

    No he talks spike sounds

  • Carlene McCatty
    Carlene McCatty


  • rheman rj
    rheman rj

    Noi's sound so cute real2 cuteeeeee

  • Rizz Red
    Rizz Red


  • Rizz Red
    Rizz Red


  • Rizz Red
    Rizz Red


  • Rizz Red
    Rizz Red


  • Rizz Red
    Rizz Red


  • Rizz Red
    Rizz Red


  • Rizz Red
    Rizz Red


  • Rizz Red
    Rizz Red


  • Rizz Red
    Rizz Red


  • Rizz Red
    Rizz Red


  • Rizz Red
    Rizz Red



    First Round Clue: Knife Apple. KAC- Kawaii Chan Cake (shears and redstone are not clues) Second Round Clue: Piece of blood Cobweb. PC - PierCe


    First Round Clue: Knife Apple. KAC- Kawaii Chan Cake (shears and redstone are not clues)

  • Dawn McAndrews
    Dawn McAndrews

    I hate that you say he’s playing is good I can play way better than that and I’ll technically mean it’s OK

  • First Choice Locksmiths
    First Choice Locksmiths


  • Lelate Lelate
    Lelate Lelate

    تبكيك على خير يارب حبيبي ويخليك لي مانك ريح في

  • Sarah Marchant
    Sarah Marchant

    the piano

  • Richard Davis
    Richard Davis

    i can play the flute

  • kiwi uchiha✔️
    kiwi uchiha✔️

    What game is it???

  • Asha Balasuriya
    Asha Balasuriya

    Zane died the grave up ment he died and the knife ment murderer killed him the apple ment Zane tryed to heal and the redstone is a block of blood and Zane was a ghost as well as zombie and aph message for you Aphmau hi nice to see you hi meows for you

  • Robert dos Ramos
    Robert dos Ramos

    Games are fun

  • Dedi Gadi
    Dedi Gadi

    When pierce blew the car I laughed so hard 😂😂😂😂😂 8


    ;-; ;-; ;-; ;-;

  • Gelim Montenegro
    Gelim Montenegro

    Lol the mansion is like mystery mansion like the game

  • Aeisha Fiona
    Aeisha Fiona

    Roblox flicker

  • Spring Weeb UwU
    Spring Weeb UwU

    I think it’s noi or pierce let’s see if I’m correct.

  • Italy Unzueta
    Italy Unzueta

    I really like mysteries and also no

  • Crystal Panda
    Crystal Panda

    Ein: I’D LIKE TO SPEAK TO THE MANAGER -Karen Ein 2021

  • kurt kenzoni sualibio
    kurt kenzoni sualibio

    9:46 Aphmau: did you find any clue? Kc: yes I did, it's a cake Aphmau: where is it? Kc: I ate it!?!? Me: laugh and do all over again in 10 times

    • kurt kenzoni sualibio
      kurt kenzoni sualibio

      It was tasty!!!!!

  • Friday night funkin Dovy
    Friday night funkin Dovy

    zane is like a gentleman

  • Margaret Arvaniti
    Margaret Arvaniti

    Zane: madam and ladies Me:lol

  • Annechka Rafaelle Baguiwong
    Annechka Rafaelle Baguiwong

    From the beggining Noi saw the button watch it again

  • jevon hunter
    jevon hunter

    When they said cluekie

  • Allie Everett
    Allie Everett

    Aphmau: Wake up. Wake up 🗡 me: 🤣🤣🤣

  • April Sampson
    April Sampson


  • Robert Carido
    Robert Carido

    Aphmau is wearing a dress

    • Robert Carido
      Robert Carido

      Zane is rich 🤑

    • Robert Carido
      Robert Carido

      That was funny 😁

  • marceline antao
    marceline antao


  • Grace Maglaya
    Grace Maglaya

    I Hi

  • YETRA Khreacioness
    YETRA Khreacioness

    That was spooky but I'm sorry I don't like lightning but you know that skeleton horses with skeletons skeletons skeletons on their back

  • Eden Eva
    Eden Eva

    I like the video so much

  • tham danny
    tham danny

    I love when aphmau is pretty in minecraft👗👚🧥

  • Nick's Relaxed Tresses B
    Nick's Relaxed Tresses B

    Oh no

  • Nick's Relaxed Tresses B
    Nick's Relaxed Tresses B

    😖😖😖 I do not like when the lights go off

  • jemario playz
    jemario playz

    ok so I saw my siblings watching aphmau so i was like what is so good about aphmau and I decided to watch one of her vids and now I see y they love her so much and I even subbed

  • Channel Ni San Pedro
    Channel Ni San Pedro

    Why aphmau open the brick door why 😯

  • Something No One 2.0
    Something No One 2.0

    This game is like flicker

  • Alexandria Jones
    Alexandria Jones


    • Alexandria Jones
      Alexandria Jones


  • Akya Clemons
    Akya Clemons

    All of you will be walking out of my fast it is

  • Unicornlover 123
    Unicornlover 123

    That painting has a weird pig face.

  • Roy Tse
    Roy Tse

    hi Roy Thanks

  • Sisters forever_squad :3
    Sisters forever_squad :3

    Aphmau:I’m going to propose- Ein:She’s going to propose to one of us! Everyone being excited and Aphmau being speechless

  • eng c s
    eng c s

    Can you do Aron I don’t have see your videos have Aron

  • Faith Gunter
    Faith Gunter

    Sometimes I think... no scratch that, All the time I think Ein and Pierce are complete morons. Like if u agree.

  • Jennifer Whitney
    Jennifer Whitney

    Can you do aMarvel superhero video

  • Sea Roach TV
    Sea Roach TV

    BRUh dont you remember pranking? you have to know aph

  • Sea Roach TV
    Sea Roach TV

    Zane is it

  • Sea Roach TV
    Sea Roach TV

    zane said its harmfull she did not hear it ooooooo

  • Michael Credle
    Michael Credle

    pierce stood right by the button

  • Michael Credle
    Michael Credle

    as soon as the lights turn on can see a button next to the chair by the piano

  • Michael Credle
    Michael Credle

    zane: only the most esteemed guests are invited me: there are only 5 people on the server not including him sometimes 6 or 7 but even if you invite everybody it won't be like a ball or anything like that

  • Jordan Sparts
    Jordan Sparts

    Everytime pierce comes in Minecraft he always blew up😂😂

  • pejue cuhuo
    pejue cuhuo

    The abusive earth similarly fill because duck phenotypically drip in a shrill parrot. six, relieved criminal

  • Вася Воробьев
    Вася Воробьев



    Okkkk 🌉

  • Mark Scales
    Mark Scales

    I always think noi is a girl 🤦🏼

  • Kimberly Faith Arigbe
    Kimberly Faith Arigbe

    Ein and Peirce are both obvi gold diggers

  • Alexis Ramirez
    Alexis Ramirez

    the game is cool and fun

  • Chloe Elder
    Chloe Elder

    *Zane talking fancifully* *Me telling him to just shut up*

  • pro aryam
    pro aryam

    what you name to ein TNT ISdowns

  • •Winter_ Astral_Aura•
    •Winter_ Astral_Aura•

    Danganronpa in a nutshell

  • karen yen
    karen yen

    Zane likes ponys

  • CK Friends
    CK Friends

    Who's she gonna propose to?! SUSH UP! Aaron isn't here ok?! 🤣 lol

  • Edgar Orozco Navarro
    Edgar Orozco Navarro

    cooooool. end scery

  • Izabella Scott
    Izabella Scott

    I'm just liking it the fact that Zane said " Your chariot has arrived." " Zane that's a golf cart!"

  • Stacey Johnson
    Stacey Johnson

    Choco bucket

  • Shayda Majeed
    Shayda Majeed

    They just need to get out of there I don’t understand to confuse what app to get out of there and we both a house and blow it up with TNT I don’t know

  • Shayda Majeed
    Shayda Majeed

    It was gonna be super mad but they have to leave

  • friendly kids gaming
    friendly kids gaming

    U guys maybe could use a cool car mod maybe use the UNU civilian vehicles fun part u can make it ur self but use creative engine u can then drive forever. U can also have creative engine and be in survival

  • Nora Schaafs
    Nora Schaafs

    I also thought was gonna come in a banana mobile

  • Nora Schaafs
    Nora Schaafs

    Me when I see the tnt: Can I some? Ok thanks ima blow my way outa here

  • sha sho
    sha sho

    is like cluedo

  • Nida Khalil
    Nida Khalil

    If you ever read Zane's diary e. He will put his biggest secret that he loves Casey's and the same for Casey she'll put his her biggest secret that she likes zane,s

  • Fusion Drywall Corporation
    Fusion Drywall Corporation

    (snaps fingers ) hey baby

  • Nida Khalil
    Nida Khalil

    Zane and Casey sitting on the tree k i s s i n g first comes Love second comes marriage third comes a baby in a baby carriage LOL 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣😆😆🤣🤣😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆🤣🤣🤣😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆

  • Camila Miranda (Student)
    Camila Miranda (Student)


  • •XOXO_Cookiesunset_Natureluna•

    Cool video!

  • Energon Lead 9386
    Energon Lead 9386

    It’s funny that Zane is so addicted to ponies 😂