Surprised By A RAINBOW Tsunami In Minecraft!
Can we escape this rainbow tsunami in Minecraft!?
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  • Sosa Squad
    Sosa Squad

    A tsunami satarted because you trow dyes in the water so much and thats a bad ideya ian is bad

  • Elliott Locastro
    Elliott Locastro

    I want to join you but it cause money 😠 I really want to join your team but it cause money but it’s not fair

  • Ninja _vibes
    Ninja _vibes

    Plane scenario bad ending: Plane scenario good ending:Aphmau holds Noi, Noi holds Pierce, Pierce holds Cake.

  • Alyssa Gross
    Alyssa Gross

    Do difficulty Turtle.

  • Sam Brown
    Sam Brown

    I want to do 100 days of Mincraft portel tricks. Or did you already do it Aphmau?

  • Obakeng Mokhatle
    Obakeng Mokhatle

    Live Ian en Zayn Zayn Zane Zane Zane rubylane

  • Gabrielle Wetzel-Proctor
    Gabrielle Wetzel-Proctor

    Could youake a bunnana kitty 🐈

  • Chris Wilcott
    Chris Wilcott

    When I read da title I couldn’t decide if dis was gud or bad-

  • Qisya Ailee
    Qisya Ailee

    YOU😭😭😭 yang tergolong familia Bombyliidae udah ga ada di kecamatan ini adalah spesies!?

  • Shanta Miller
    Shanta Miller

    this is so awesome

    • Shanta Miller
      Shanta Miller


  • Blu3BoyBlu

    you say salmon with out the l so basically samon

  • Antoine Smith
    Antoine Smith

    I think I'm adated to your videos

  • Catracha Castillo
    Catracha Castillo


  • Catracha Castillo
    Catracha Castillo

    Image that was sssniperwolf realllllll

  • Kristin Mathis
    Kristin Mathis

    Like I said in the last, why is Ein always the one getting sucked into the tsunami it's either Ein or Pierce

  • Ruth Russell Hutton
    Ruth Russell Hutton

    I hate rainbows

  • Akari Stephens
    Akari Stephens

    I love your Channel aphmau

  • HyperSonicFire

    Cake? I thought you said Kate so I feel like a idiot rn

  • priscilla Saldana
    priscilla Saldana


  • Michael Juarez
    Michael Juarez

    Lol this is so cool

  • Brooklynn Vass
    Brooklynn Vass

    I thought the dogs name was Kate then when it showed her name I was like “Her name is cake I thought is was Kate lol 😂 “

  • Eni Mulyani
    Eni Mulyani

    These rainbow tsunami let us explode

  • KareenT. Zambrano
    KareenT. Zambrano

    Y nnnnnnn you noi you zaaa jimin bts

  • RamSekhar Repaka
    RamSekhar Repaka

    that as vear a rain bow in the water noi was sitting on the with his animals

  • Chana Snow
    Chana Snow

    The neat transport july arrive because lobster surprisingly wipe for a assorted shame. hilarious, gainful shame

  • Evelyn Bibbins
    Evelyn Bibbins

    Week of the year we will be there in about the same and I will be in touch with her and I have to do some of it is that I will be there in about the same as last year I will

  • Claudz Michael Samiado
    Claudz Michael Samiado

    I laugh when ein fish the rainbow and whoosh

  • Zia Yusuf
    Zia Yusuf

    This is almost like real life

  • ling li
    ling li


  • Hinata Uzumaki
    Hinata Uzumaki


  • Alyx Mendiola
    Alyx Mendiola


  • Alyx Mendiola
    Alyx Mendiola


  • Katrina Revels
    Katrina Revels

    Perce:wow Aphmau:I'M DROWNING HELPPPPP *everyone constendly drowning*BAAAAAD IDEA

  • Shades & Co
    Shades & Co

    I forgot about the Rainbow tsunami

  • Luna ♋️ 🔪  UwU
    Luna ♋️ 🔪 UwU

    Pinchi pero

  • Maizah Maizah
    Maizah Maizah

    Apple is the best it with the entire world

  • Ahmad Amanj
    Ahmad Amanj

    Run app now what random

  • Jon Sehestedt
    Jon Sehestedt


  • Sairish Hussain
    Sairish Hussain

    Ein = werwolf and mean Pierce = nice and bad Kim = kindly and nice aphmau = nice and good Kwiichan = nice and good Zane = good and relaxed

  • Alana Bishop
    Alana Bishop

    I love your video so much I could die 🦄💐🌷⚘🌺🥀🌹😘😇💝💘💜🤎🖤💙💚💚💛🧡🧡❤is purple your favorite color 💜

  • Mariella Esteban
    Mariella Esteban

    Ejsjujd? unsnhkaotjshrs

  • Xavi Bella
    Xavi Bella

    I love watching aphmau

  • Theresa Caraballo
    Theresa Caraballo

    Did enyone notice purple dye?

  • Valeria Rosales
    Valeria Rosales

    Me seeing Ein saying fish like flowers: Ein is very dumb I wanna take all of his gold and throw it in lava



  • sukelijay Beth
    sukelijay Beth

    What happened to the tsunami rainbow

  • Rob Abdul
    Rob Abdul

    That a cool looking tsunami

  • Fariza Mohammed Alam
    Fariza Mohammed Alam

    Heh funny

  • Fariza Mohammed Alam
    Fariza Mohammed Alam

    Haga in

  • elma mercado
    elma mercado

    funny ein dof

  • •stacy boba•
    •stacy boba•

    I. Love amphaus videos

  • Zyaire Jones
    Zyaire Jones

    Aphmau I'm going to be on you can be sometimes do evil things too. Aphmau ! again why are you doing that all the time that's you know how cruel that is

  • 0Izuku0Midoriya0

    Peirce and Noi: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- silence Peirce: peogh.

  • uugg


  • Rosa Ponce
    Rosa Ponce


  • Rosa Ponce
    Rosa Ponce


  • Cella Cella
    Cella Cella

    oooooooo ooooooooooooooooooo

  • Bun Nat
    Bun Nat


  • Me-Kiy

    Ok danta what now?

    • Me-Kiy

      What now

  • JM

    this vid is 3days after my bday

  • chris shelley
    chris shelley

    I love you xoxoxo

  • Lunas Night Guard
    Lunas Night Guard

    this is not even impossible

  • Cliff Whited
    Cliff Whited

    How athmau end up with those two fools

  • XGamerAgusta

    Why didint she hold Noi and then noi holded pierc and pierc holded cake

  • Dhee Smitty
    Dhee Smitty

    I liked and subscribed

  • Dhee Smitty
    Dhee Smitty

    Do a face reveal

  • Luciana DeMarco
    Luciana DeMarco

    Is it true that if I throw dyes in water in Minecraft this will happen?

  • ZaraMittens Playz
    ZaraMittens Playz

    Recess puffss recess puffs! eat em up eat em up EAT EM UP!

  • Charlize Anderson
    Charlize Anderson

    I love your videos 🐾

  • Nicky Lock
    Nicky Lock

    Ein: I’m the richest

  • Zoa Pachuau
    Zoa Pachuau

    Please new

  • ashanti mills
    ashanti mills

    Aphmua did you know you can hold pierce and pierce could have hold noi and noi could have hold cake

  • jacob thompson
    jacob thompson

    Hey aphmau my birthday bis in 3 days and can you give me a shout-out tysm

    • jacob thompson
      jacob thompson

      Is not bis

  • choxg

    UwU UoU

  • choxg


  • Minis leo
    Minis leo

    I feel so bad 4 u

  • Minis leo
    Minis leo

    When it does it show me I would build underground where the water is not going to get me

  • Minis leo
    Minis leo

    If I was in trouble like you did I will go to my house to

  • Toy Z
    Toy Z

    Aphmau I pray the lord you continue these videos god bless you 😘😘😘😘❤🧡💚💙💜

  • The Johnsons' Family
    The Johnsons' Family


  • Mouna Doghman
    Mouna Doghman

    Love you apmau 😍

  • Chibuzor Okafor
    Chibuzor Okafor

    that is why you should not throw dye in water

  • piks pikstala
    piks pikstala

    i did not saw Kawaii~Chan no at all

  • Erum Walter
    Erum Walter

    aph i want to join your minecraft server i wish i could every day i think about this only really

  • Adlina Hazirah
    Adlina Hazirah

    But.. U could carry noi and noi carry pierce and pierce carry cake

  • Kappa Beacon
    Kappa Beacon

    happy pride month

  • J Dogg
    J Dogg

    She and zane are always ready for anything

  • Whitty

    2:36 *_R A I N B O W T S U N A M I . E X E_*

  • George Jackson
    George Jackson

    12:49 life is better down when it's wetter

  • KD Allison
    KD Allison

    Well why did Ian do that I’m a big fan

  • KD Allison
    KD Allison

    Right yeah he did put in the colors because I saw and put the Diane why did you even do that

  • Denise Grimner
    Denise Grimner


  • 陳畇蓁


  • Corina Angol
    Corina Angol

    Oh.... never mind

  • Corina Angol
    Corina Angol

    Where is cake

  • 🧩Autistic and feeling beautifull! 💙
    🧩Autistic and feeling beautifull! 💙

    11:11 I fell out of my bed lmao at Pearce! That was LITERALLY the PERFECT ANSWER!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • khirsten renz Borbon
    khirsten renz Borbon

    Atleash yur dog survive

  • Shantae Allen
    Shantae Allen

    Kat or cake

  • jazan Reynolds
    jazan Reynolds

    Love you channel

  • Summer Xxcloud
    Summer Xxcloud

    Plea @