Minecraft BEE Family vs DRAGON Family!
Which family will win!? Bee Family or Dragon Family!
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  • Erwin John Jr. Payabyab
    Erwin John Jr. Payabyab

    0:07 what a cute monstrosity

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    Melly Baker


  • Laura Kinzler
    Laura Kinzler

    pierce:NO IM HER MOMMY!!!!! Me:ummmm your a boy

  • Stephen Gian Candelario
    Stephen Gian Candelario

    She would be a bee dragon of course

  • The evil potato GroupOwO
    The evil potato GroupOwO

    What mod is this

  • Bella Jewleigha Thea Agliam
    Bella Jewleigha Thea Agliam


  • Bella Jewleigha Thea Agliam
    Bella Jewleigha Thea Agliam


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    Lilly Heselwood

    Yghhvgfb Ghģfgh hhjjjhnhhhbbbñ Vvggy

  • Marit Anne Utsi
    Marit Anne Utsi

    Why are there so many Bee puns in this video!?

  • Junk Mail Mail q a
    Junk Mail Mail q a

    Jess is cool☺

  • Junk Mail Mail q a
    Junk Mail Mail q a


  • Driftwolf

    Aphmau: I CAN"T SWIM Also Aphmau: Swiming

    • Brick Bros
      Brick Bros


  • Breonna Lanter
    Breonna Lanter

    Zane : ¨ Dont talk to my wife like that¨ Me : ABOUT TIME ZANE

  • moxm976


  • YourOneAndOnly

    "Hey Don't Talk To My Wife Like That" Ok ok I think this had all the zane and kawaii chan shippers at the edge of their seat

  • Ryan Keenan
    Ryan Keenan


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    Erap Cacap


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    iiKhlxe _

    Bee Family!!!! 🐝🐝🐝💛💛💛

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    Raquel Marcellais

    im eat now

  • Professor DoomII
    Professor DoomII

    can you make return of the alpha werewolf

  • Professor DoomII
    Professor DoomII

    Hi jessica you are my favorite youtuber i play minecraft too

  • Rando

    A "Beegon"

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    A Ac


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    Nelli S


  • Rolando Villarreal
    Rolando Villarreal


  • Anika Yap
    Anika Yap

    Bees: Hard-workers Dragons: Creative Types Aphmau: Adorable Monstrosity

  • Ruwan &Jerron Channel
    Ruwan &Jerron Channel

    Really a bee pun

  • Alicia Montes
    Alicia Montes

    Can we all respect that Zane has a wife now as for other vids he's shy 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣


    O b d



  • Cruz Stephen
    Cruz Stephen

    Please Please please go home please get the receipt back to you in a

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    K Peterson


  • Kristine Dawn Torres
    Kristine Dawn Torres

    Kawii chan is so cute she's the best and aphmau and zane

  • Leanna Connolly
    Leanna Connolly


  • Leanna Connolly
    Leanna Connolly

    The bee family.

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    Chroma Prime


  • Anthony Padilla
    Anthony Padilla

    Get the ice and fire mod and use the dragons there are so cool and realistic

  • gloria

    Zane has a wife now

  • Alma Berrones
    Alma Berrones

    I like her viedo

  • ساسكي يوتشيها
    ساسكي يوتشيها


  • ساسكي يوتشيها
    ساسكي يوتشيها


  • ساسكي يوتشيها
    ساسكي يوتشيها

    Wait her name is kim? Чакай, че се казва Ким?

  • Dolzodmaa Namid
    Dolzodmaa Namid


  • Makayla Mathers
    Makayla Mathers


  • Flower Girl!
    Flower Girl!

    If they didn’t stop the fight then I would recommend getting instagram on a phone or ipad

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    Misk Alkandri


  • Misk Alkandri
    Misk Alkandri


  • Lali and alaric gaming Romero
    Lali and alaric gaming Romero

    @0:21@ click on the blues

  • Lali and alaric gaming Romero
    Lali and alaric gaming Romero


  • OddBall_677

    Zane: Hey! Dont talk to my wife like that! Me: 😏

  • Kami Beniuk
    Kami Beniuk

    At now

  • Marshall Swierk
    Marshall Swierk

    I'm on the bee side my Minecraft name is Worlds king I love your videos I've subscribe

  • Lexi Alford
    Lexi Alford

    kim: im the mom!! KC: Im the mom! Pierce: no im the mom!.. wait. nvm

  • Lexi Alford
    Lexi Alford

    do a vampire vs werewolf one

  • seve1120 seve1120
    seve1120 seve1120

    Hi👁❤️uuuuuuuu😘yyyyyyy eeeeeeeeeee ssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Jalil Christopher Bilaran
    Jalil Christopher Bilaran

    Rhe kid can't swim

  • Jalil Christopher Bilaran
    Jalil Christopher Bilaran

    I knew who to pick is the bee family I love bees

  • Jalil Christopher Bilaran
    Jalil Christopher Bilaran

    A baby adopted by Dragon or bees I don't know who to pick

  • Cutie Pichu
    Cutie Pichu

    You choose dragon

  • William Chutong Xiao
    William Chutong Xiao

    This is funny for bee or dragon but in final is bee and dragon

  • Lexi Alford
    Lexi Alford

    me: im in bee tween 🐝

  • Lexi Alford
    Lexi Alford

    I cant bee leave how far you drag on ed me around

  • Kierion Herbert
    Kierion Herbert

    Are you using on Xbox to play this

  • Mya Paneto
    Mya Paneto

    Um Zane Maybe You Are The Was To Was Litter Much Sugar YOU THINK! Okay Aphmau She Is Litter Jumped In The Bee For Now Ho Boy WHAT THE FUCKING!? ZANE WHY HAVE THE ALL SUGAR!? COMIC!

  • Ian 1846
    Ian 1846

    I love bees

  • Gassfsbriel Redhryes
    Gassfsbriel Redhryes

    Hi a smile

  • Дамир Суйнбаев
    Дамир Суйнбаев

    Make fairy family vs wolf family

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig

    If It was me i would bee a dragon

  • alexaveniceimmanuel ballena
    alexaveniceimmanuel ballena


  • Yeong Xuan Ni Tiffanie (Student)
    Yeong Xuan Ni Tiffanie (Student)

    Im guessing thia time the huge sheep is ein

  • Brenda Rubio
    Brenda Rubio

    Go to the spot of the video 13:04 and look how much the sun looks like a sheep lol🤣🤣🤣

  • Brenda Rubio
    Brenda Rubio

    Zane: DON'T TALK TO MY WIFE LIKE THAT Me: PSHHHHHHH you wish she was your wife

  • Kitana playyys
    Kitana playyys

    The dragon birth to death video proves the family of dragons is worse

  • Zoe Faller
    Zoe Faller


  • mihalunka

    I like This

  • Mei Mei
    Mei Mei

    Aphmau is in creative at first i mean how come she has 3 iron with no pic axe



  • Amber Fleras
    Amber Fleras

    if boinic watch aphmau:wat was that wat was actuly that

  • angry Fury Bowser
    angry Fury Bowser

    Yeah yeah baby Minecraft player blah blah blah blah blah

  • Eilanah Mae Rico
    Eilanah Mae Rico

    I think aphmau should choose the bee side because a bee is a little dangerous but the dragon is more dangerous.

  • Christopher White
    Christopher White

    Hi everybody the video is great

  • hayden harris
    hayden harris

    Can you make more music videos aphmau please!!!!

  • Queen Persaud
    Queen Persaud

    I think you should pick the bees

  • May Kong
    May Kong


  • Jo Ann Thompson
    Jo Ann Thompson

    I would like Kawaii Chan as a mother because she is an excellent cook but I wouldn’t really want Zane as a father because he’s just too over protective, I don’t want Pierce as a father either because he’s dumb, and Noi and Kawaii Chan work really well together so I think I would want Noi and Kawaii Chan as parents in these types of situations!!! They are both so nice, not too over protective, and they work really well together, especially in baking and cooking!!!!! YUM!!! 😋

    • Jo Ann Thompson
      Jo Ann Thompson

      But I do appreciate and support the Kawaii Chan and Zane ship ♥️♥️😂

  • Jenny Dionesio
    Jenny Dionesio

    i love you

  • Katarina King
    Katarina King


  • Marwan Hhosa
    Marwan Hhosa

    .wolv family vs mob family

  • `° glitter unicorngirl Playz roblox°`
    `° glitter unicorngirl Playz roblox°`

    I think it's even better when the cute little baby is adopted by unicorn family!!! 🦄🌷🤩☺️💓💓🌸🌸🌺🌈🌈🌟⭐🦋

  • Salvador Montemayor
    Salvador Montemayor

    🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😉W LOVE

  • Kitty Queen
    Kitty Queen

    I like both family’s so I don’t know who I would go too

  • Chris K
    Chris K

    I want to be in a dragon family

  • nielmer carmicoros
    nielmer carmicoros

    5:14 Me:did just the subscribe button slamp aphmau head

  • Unknown_Idiot ._.
    Unknown_Idiot ._.

    Pierce: No, im her mommy! Me: Wait what-

  • Thea Belen
    Thea Belen

    I cannot should I be

  • c and c mavuna
    c and c mavuna

    I love when aph said look at this sugar😂

  • cutie gemon
    cutie gemon

    Zane:dOnT tAlK tO mY WIFE lIkE tHaT. I'm like:since when I thought u did not propose😏

  • Patrick John Johnston
    Patrick John Johnston


    • Patrick John Johnston
      Patrick John Johnston

      i love you aphmau

  • Claudia Rios
    Claudia Rios

    Zane get for a bee Bomb Zane is Charles Zane : da da dad ada da da da da da If it was Henry Stickman reference. look they'res zane

  • jasmine shoemake
    jasmine shoemake

    Zane and Kawaii Chan I SHIP