The Aphmau FAMILY VACATION In Minecraft!
This is Aphmau’s FAMILY VACATION! Whoo!
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    I love your vids !!!!

  • جدو نور
    جدو نور


  • Brittney Messick
    Brittney Messick

    Y’all look so cute

  • Kevin Kligmann
    Kevin Kligmann

    Hasbund I mean

  • Kevin Kligmann
    Kevin Kligmann

    Is the guy your husbund

  • Anamary Sequijor
    Anamary Sequijor

    Wow i love vacation before😘

  • Veronica Talamantez
    Veronica Talamantez

    Also here aph:smart ein:dumb ×2 pierce:even dumber Aaron:kind and nice

  • Veronica Talamantez
    Veronica Talamantez

    It would be cool to do a birth to death of a minecraft zombie

  • Sang Dang
    Sang Dang


  • Jen Wen TANG
    Jen Wen TANG

    Hey Aphmau can you do a vacation Minecraft video with your family? And a new merchandise?

  • anne rigor
    anne rigor


  • LuLu Mae
    LuLu Mae

    And they said they heard beautiful sounds I like all the beautiful songs you hear is screaming 🤣

  • fenny pan
    fenny pan


  • -.Froggy.-

    Am I the only one that heard Zanes ring tone in the beginning 😂😂

  • Abhijit Joshi
    Abhijit Joshi

    I love this video 💜

  • Jalil Christopher Bilaran
    Jalil Christopher Bilaran

    In Minecraft you have a family vacation tofay in Minecraft with your hasband AND babys

  • Henry Spillner
    Henry Spillner

    You should really give credit to NotLondonHd for being one of the kids -_-

  • Joniz Moniz
    Joniz Moniz

    This reminds me of my last summer 🙂

  • Andrew Kermode
    Andrew Kermode

    type in custom curses

  • Agerico Chavez Jr.
    Agerico Chavez Jr.

    wen the 2 guys will do the kanan ball and the water refreshing 😂😂😅😂😅😂😅

  • Kailey Azmi
    Kailey Azmi

    Okay I had a trauma in swimming i almost drowned when I was young and i can't swim i only know how to float without the pool noodle i usually use when i was young 🤣😂😸

  • Lidia Rodriguez
    Lidia Rodriguez

    R.i.p ein R.i.p ein

  • Po official
    Po official

    I love how that juila just pulls out a big sword 🤪🤣

  • tsuyu_asui-plays

    KC: oh the fish are fine! They just are in vaca too! She did not say that I just made it up...

  • Oluwafemi Popoola
    Oluwafemi Popoola

    Cut the potato

  • Wolf Gamer2012
    Wolf Gamer2012

    How many people ship Aphmau and Arron ⬇️

  • oiledplanner

    Awww!! Aarmau is really going into place now!! I so ship aphmau and aaron!!

  • Candy Gore
    Candy Gore

    this SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO remine me of Mystreet starlight

  • Zainab Ali
    Zainab Ali

    Omg if those creepers blow up …………………………………………………………

  • Jabali Dollaway
    Jabali Dollaway

    i was laughing the whole time lol

  • Lilane Concepcion
    Lilane Concepcion

    zane soud weird

  • annie sessa
    annie sessa



    Can u face reavel you friends who plays minecraft?

  • dmanickam

    Damn I wish I could go to the beach

  • Quinn Yocum
    Quinn Yocum

    Is it just me or dose Aaron’s voice sometimes sound like a NPC in a game

  • Ruben Diaz
    Ruben Diaz

    Only OG will remember when aphmau called Aaron ~Daddy~. XD

  • 🌹CuteKittyLover🌹

    Aphmau:Oh dont worry nemo is fine KC:Yeah yeah nemo is fine.... In My Tummy

  • TVheadgirl

    Why dont you use your actual kids because they would probably have fun

  • anime fan
    anime fan

    i never miss a video of aphmau's shes awesome and deserves subscribers

  • ER AIR
    ER AIR


  • Louella Benton
    Louella Benton

    ewwwww aphmau


    *Sees the word "resort" in an Aphmau video* Me: Crap, I thought that you learned your lesson with Starlight 8D

  • Zoe Byron
    Zoe Byron

    did anyone recognize zane's ringtone only old time fans will

  • Lana MacDonald
    Lana MacDonald

    Please make my inner Deimos season 2

  • Zane x KawaiiChan
    Zane x KawaiiChan

    7:30 KC yeeting everyone out so the special guests can relax:

  • Zane x KawaiiChan
    Zane x KawaiiChan

    I like how KC says "Zane is gonna be SOO mad!" even tho she knows he won't be mad at her

  • Crystal McLean
    Crystal McLean


  • Crystal McLean
    Crystal McLean

    Do you guys are favorite channels

  • Bobbi Jo Burch
    Bobbi Jo Burch

    Even though you are ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Jefferson Machado
    Jefferson Machado


  • Jennifer Houston
    Jennifer Houston

    My second time watching this: Kawaii Chan is scary

  • FLuFFy_BRead

    Pierce and ein are trouble maker 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Azizyano Dashti
    Azizyano Dashti



    RozaBTS jassim and I are going out to go have to go to do to go to a few little kids gym to do a little bit of a few things and get then some rest of my kids game and I have to go get to get go home to go to do to go

  • Danica Blood
    Danica Blood

    Aphmau: I just want to relax in here but now I can't relax!?! Ein: Ahh ignore your kids and eat cookies? Me: *Got chokes

  • Joyjoy Kethom
    Joyjoy Kethom


  • Michaella Gazmin
    Michaella Gazmin

    I love it🤩🤩🤩

  • Bloom gacha
    Bloom gacha

    Aphmau: I love Nature you here beautiful sounds Pirce and Ein : ahhhhhhHHhhHhhHhhHhHHHHhhhhHhHHH

    • Bloom gacha
      Bloom gacha

      Then me: sooooo those are beautiful sounds ok ✅

  • Herni Rochmani
    Herni Rochmani

    Wow keren

  • Holly DeCaussin
    Holly DeCaussin

    Sj sm .Sh wnvqhhgydyrztrxyvqqqij

  • Holly DeCaussin
    Holly DeCaussin

    Kewiwi Wkhhmej Eksk

  • shadow patterson
    shadow patterson

    Aaron is now DADron and aphmau is now MOMau If you have better names just reply to this comment

  • Michael spellman
    Michael spellman

    I wish I was with you

  • wolf lover skyla
    wolf lover skyla

    2:31 typical zane just threatening ein and peirce

  • Sister vs Brother Efe and Buse
    Sister vs Brother Efe and Buse


  • Robo Chinchila
    Robo Chinchila

    I think i hate peirce and ein now cause about thats cookie thing-

  • Ollie and Paul Chillzos
    Ollie and Paul Chillzos

    hi aph your my sons favourite ISdowns r

  • thalia deloverjes
    thalia deloverjes


  • Sunset Gaming
    Sunset Gaming

    Aphmau I know you play Minecraft with funny

  • Niecevdx

    Piercing I hate Pierce the most and the Angel of The Rat

  • Ko Kyaw
    Ko Kyaw

    I need you girl☺️

  • Cathy Mansouri
    Cathy Mansouri

    sorry i speled it wong

  • Cathy Mansouri
    Cathy Mansouri


  • Cathy Mansouri
    Cathy Mansouri

    THAT WAS A REL CANNON BALL! hahahahahahahah

  • Chawsu Htwe
    Chawsu Htwe

    why she has 2 baby in Minecraft YAY her boyfriend Aaron in Minecraft

  • Arhianna Williams
    Arhianna Williams

    If you hear a explosion blame it on ein Ein:it wasnt me Me:not me tolly not me

  • Peyton Frost
    Peyton Frost

    wait are they your real children playing Minecraft I swear I heard a little boys voice

  • fan de Dome
    fan de Dome

    I'm a fan of yours ur the best ISdownsr

  • frances palamine
    frances palamine

    "Several Kithen Fires Later" I Died There 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lacy Bullshoe
    Lacy Bullshoe


  • Emma Zapata
    Emma Zapata


    • Emma Zapata
      Emma Zapata

      Hdbsuechxdgccfhgfhrhfgcshccdyt jgvsvdgsgv

    • Emma Zapata
      Emma Zapata


  • Emma Zapata
    Emma Zapata


  • Emma Zapata
    Emma Zapata


  • Nadaubreeine Raucci
    Nadaubreeine Raucci

    I wish I can come too in real life with you

  • Lolssdad Azariany
    Lolssdad Azariany

    *Dante and Travis the shooooowww*

  • Rene and Kelly fam
    Rene and Kelly fam

    Who’s NotlondonHD? XD

  • Elizabeth Aftxn
    Elizabeth Aftxn

    If they used love love paradise or starlight season builds BOOM another Season Edit: Not Joseph being mini Aaron :D

  • Jeddah Lyn Quezon
    Jeddah Lyn Quezon

    ahhhh im bigest fan on you☺️

  • Katharina Radelet
    Katharina Radelet

    I love your videos it's so cool! 🤩

  • Ethan Mcintee
    Ethan Mcintee

    The kids aren't fucken aszome

  • Feitan Portor
    Feitan Portor

    The dislikes are from the villagers that KC kicked out of the spa lmao

  • Joséphine KATANGA
    Joséphine KATANGA

    You guys ignored the fact that Zane was about to say my beautiful kawaii~chan and after says my assistant.😂😂😂😂😂

  • Craft Cat
    Craft Cat

    Love love paradise be like:

  • Von Peru
    Von Peru

    Zane's voice is weird it's so fancy

  • Carrie Lee
    Carrie Lee

    I love Siwing

  • johann james Mostero
    johann james Mostero

    Ein:dumb dumb. Pierce: biggest dumb dumb

    • johann james Mostero
      johann james Mostero

      Ha the biggest dumbest man in the world 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Aung Thura Myo
    Aung Thura Myo

    Your account

  • Aung Thura Myo
    Aung Thura Myo

    Watch Preston channel he hack you account

  • Aung Thura Myo
    Aung Thura Myo


  • Uncle Cracker L
    Uncle Cracker L

    NOI WHERE R U!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?