Aphmau Is CRYING In Minecraft!
Someone has made Aphmau sad in Minecraft… 😭
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  • nway nway
    nway nway

    What kind of craft is that? It is sure it is not Mojang craft... Can you tell me... Please...

  • Sabrina Mallari
    Sabrina Mallari

    Aaron:darn it I was hoping to get her a diamond pickaxe Me: Also me:*saw the diamond* Me:*LAUGHS HARD*

  • Erwin John Jr. Payabyab
    Erwin John Jr. Payabyab

    Did aphmau say okay babe to zane

  • Via Nuraulia
    Via Nuraulia


  • Amy-Lee Gericke
    Amy-Lee Gericke

    That's funny but i don't like Ein to and Aron is turning to make Ahpmua happy but Ein did and he made Ahpmua sad how is that?

  • Rawan Fakhoury I am huge fan
    Rawan Fakhoury I am huge fan


  • Amy-Lee Gericke
    Amy-Lee Gericke

    I love that Ein sad he never calls me princess. 😂

  • star pack
    star pack


  • Chxrrybum

    14:29 was the best part ✨👑

  • ♥️🍓Rachel Claire Wang🍓♥️
    ♥️🍓Rachel Claire Wang🍓♥️


  • Duavin 177
    Duavin 177

    R.I.P chicken

  • Aryan Bose
    Aryan Bose

    Aphmau yeeted

  • Jake&Mila

    ok this prank is so funny when you take the water and fake sad till half ends could imagen

  • Sanjay Rai
    Sanjay Rai

    Me when Aphmaw is calling kc (I called her kc because I don't know the spelling of her name (*"•~•) Me : watching the video and (Aphmaw is calls her Kc and ) Me : Ok, so her real name is Kc (And after some days or hours) (Me watching a video about all the names of Aphmaw's friends and) Me : (when it's kc's turn I was like) ("•~•") I thought that kc's name was kc (I was watching this video again and) Me : I feel so dum now 👁️👄👁️ Why didn't I notice that there was a text written "Kc" down there

  • itzmeicecreamcupcak

    Don't sad i know you love pototo is so yummy i like pototo too they taste like yummy i like brokoli you know is so easy to Cherry her up

    • itzmeicecreamcupcak

      I mean cheer

  • Amelia Stanley
    Amelia Stanley


  • Antwaun Anderson
    Antwaun Anderson

    Plot twist aphmau is sad that her mom died

  • 「mîzký•zœ」

    PROPERTT DESTRUCTION -Zane He never call me PRINCESS -Ein

  • Marilyn Jones
    Marilyn Jones

    Aaron: C “mon Princess ein: he never calls me princess😫😕😩

  • Aria Newsom
    Aria Newsom


    • Fiona VallerieThenzhen
      Fiona VallerieThenzhen

      Ein: What?? Me:😂😂

  • Aria Newsom
    Aria Newsom

    put zane saying property destruction on and action poster 5 year olds happy as ever

  • Aria Newsom
    Aria Newsom

    put zane saying property destruction on and action poster 5 year olds happy as ever

  • Sophie Locz
    Sophie Locz

    Zane: released my cake. Foul beast. Zane: m’lady yo stid: Aphmau: M’LADY UOH

  • Yvette Cardinoza
    Yvette Cardinoza

    I have a roast you know why your crying? Because your a crybaby

  • YourPalHenry BatfaceYT
    YourPalHenry BatfaceYT

    Zane: o-ok Sylvanna.

  • jamee.xg

    Aaron: alright let me lead the horse* Aphmau: omg he called me princess* Ein: he never call's me princess :l * me: yea bc Aaron does not like u and u don't date Aaron

  • love kaycee and rachel video
    love kaycee and rachel video

    Ugh ain is so annoying l hate u ain

  • Ian

    You said crying right

  • Ian


  • Ian


  • Ian

    You said crying right

  • Jayveyy Dash
    Jayveyy Dash

    Zanes goal is to make aphasia happy

  • elda Vargas
    elda Vargas

    I like it how’s a war makeing her happy😂

  • ItsmehRosie

    Zanes a great friend

  • Juney Gaming
    Juney Gaming

    I’m a big big big big big big big fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katie Taylor
    Katie Taylor

    Aaron: “Zane, you take out the trash all the time. Allow me.” Me: 😂🤣 I couldn’t stop laughing!

  • M-1X3 *D
    M-1X3 *D

    15:21 I AM HERE

  • Stephanie Sharp
    Stephanie Sharp

    I do the same thing to my dad

  • Wheel Barrow538
    Wheel Barrow538


  • Danielle Olivadoti
    Danielle Olivadoti

    My ships Kc:zane Zane:kc Aph:Aaron Aaron:Aph Noi:Mac Mac:Noi

  • last sun&moon Alpha
    last sun&moon Alpha

    watching ean and Arron fight over who can Mack Aphmau happy macks me lathe

  • Danielle Olivadoti
    Danielle Olivadoti

    pirce: not being smart Aphmau: pretending Ian: blow things up Kc: bake cakes Zane: hide he likes kc Zane:pertect aph and potions Aaron: make aph blush Noi: animal lover Mac: pervide veggies Kim:new to Minecraft

  • Wheel Barrow538
    Wheel Barrow538

    Haha my first ever aphmau minecraft.

  • Wheel Barrow538
    Wheel Barrow538

    Haha my first ever aphmau minecraft.

  • William Bentley
    William Bentley

    You can do whatever you want aphmau you can make new videos everyday:)

  • Danielle Olivadoti
    Danielle Olivadoti

    I have a few favorite but my number one favorite what have to be Piers how we can't read and stuff and how he's always getting blown up not knowing what stuff is played hide-and-seek and applehead TNT to blow you guys up if you were cheating when she had the cameras peerstar with Tina and Tasha it was hilarious Pierce you make aphmaus show hilarious

  • Danielle Olivadoti
    Danielle Olivadoti

    Hi my real name is hailee im on my mom's account i love ur videos my favorite series was the dating marying the alpha wolf i love how u guys exploded Ian and Pierce it was hilarious

  • Liana Braganza
    Liana Braganza

    Aaron is aphmau boyfriend

  • King King
    King King

    I love Noi

  • Pascual Alvarez
    Pascual Alvarez

    R.i.p checken 😰

  • Ph.Tamara Hemadneh
    Ph.Tamara Hemadneh

    I love your videos so much


    You know it’s so funny every Time ein does something bad zane explodes in anger

  • pink doe
    pink doe

    Arron said he wanted Aphmau to have a diamond pickaxe why dose Arron have so much diamonds when he gives her the spa?

  • Aphmau fan
    Aphmau fan

    Awwww thanks

  • Alyssa ItsFunnehs biggest fan TvT
    Alyssa ItsFunnehs biggest fan TvT

    The boys arguing over aphmau Aphmau starting to enjoy herself by getting gifts 🎁

  • Arissa Amani
    Arissa Amani

    Is there an other way to make it fun ways like urrm.... A fox girl human a child?,

  • Amylynn Esq
    Amylynn Esq

    End I'm using my mom's account Of ISdowns

  • Amylynn Esq
    Amylynn Esq

    Hello I'm actually a kid End I love your Videos🌷But I have to Ask my mom If she Can buy Your monkeys

  • mab's TV vlogs
    mab's TV vlogs

    Never prank someone else or your hurt there feelings . Cheer up your friend to be happy.

  • malika faiza husna alika
    malika faiza husna alika

    I like aaren

  • samartino the mail 💌
    samartino the mail 💌

    I'm a queen 👑 in real life

  • Aphmau fan
    Aphmau fan

    Yeah zane makes aphmau hapyy every time

    • Genre Productions
      Genre Productions

      I’m your first sub

  • Sophia Ingersoll
    Sophia Ingersoll

    Aphmau I love your videos and I love how you make every single video for work no matter what

  • ✨Mitsuri Kanroji✨
    ✨Mitsuri Kanroji✨


  • Rose Alsalmi
    Rose Alsalmi


  • Santo FF 272
    Santo FF 272

    Face cam video

  • Angela McGowan
    Angela McGowan

    Can we do the zombie bot in every 100 days they get faster a faster and the faster than Nomle zombies

  • Angela McGowan
    Angela McGowan

    Aphmaw I love your videos can we do the affected which is Minecraft zombies everywhere

  • Bruh Bruh
    Bruh Bruh

    Nobody: Ein: "well i can be sad too!" *starts sounding like a constapated chicken* 15:43 "he never calls me princess" - Ein

  • Abdul Hadi
    Abdul Hadi


  • Hadji Torres
    Hadji Torres

    Zane and Aaron trying to make aphmou happy aphmou just Chilin

  • KiraSyafiq Family
    KiraSyafiq Family

    good video Minecraft aphmau love 💞

  • Janell Anderson
    Janell Anderson

    When zane rode in on his horse and said: "Release thy cake foul Beast!" I went like this: NOOOO NO HE DIDN'T! NOPE NOPE NOPE!

  • AFTONS fan
    AFTONS fan

    Did someone heard the but

  • •ChealseaBubble Gum•
    •ChealseaBubble Gum•

    Noi is so sweet!!

  • Mustang Playz
    Mustang Playz

    Zane= ein dead Aaron=ein def dead Zane and Aaron= Ein gone forever

  • janlee Valencia
    janlee Valencia

    you are savage aphmau

  • Paetyn Rambo
    Paetyn Rambo

    Can you do more like this with aron

  • Cameron Dymer
    Cameron Dymer

    i like ur skin

  • Cameron Dymer
    Cameron Dymer

    aphmau your cute

  • CainTheMad King
    CainTheMad King

    Hmmmm im kinda curious how a aphmau is a baby polar bear would turn out possible idea? Honestly just throwing this out as a joke

  • Davina Crawford
    Davina Crawford

    😈sv😇 good against fire

  • Lalaine Encisa-Saquido
    Lalaine Encisa-Saquido

    Aphmau:*crying* Ein:AAAHHH Zane:EIN!!

  • MittensTheCatz

    14:47 when I catch my siblings eating my food

  • MittensTheCatz

    Aaron sounds like the dog from Up.

  • Gisselle Soriano
    Gisselle Soriano

    No his goal is to break them up he act like a dad

  • Stephanie Martinez
    Stephanie Martinez

    No I’m your huge fan can you help me find being the best Minecraft player in being a model because you guys are the best Minecraft players I ever seen and I really like your videos

  • Katie bady
    Katie bady

    Why does EIN do prank her I think he jelis

  • Amelia Kielan
    Amelia Kielan

    :/ but but zen but hi es aphmau boyfriend

  • ℤ𝕠𝕖𝕪-𝕜𝕦𝕟 ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ
    ℤ𝕠𝕖𝕪-𝕜𝕦𝕟 ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

    15:21 Aaron is now All might XD

  • aliya miah
    aliya miah

    I feel like Zane is so protective of you Jess why not Ein or someone else

  • Kaycie Diaz
    Kaycie Diaz

    Zanes number one priority is keeping Her save

  • pearl Natasha kusuma
    pearl Natasha kusuma

    "C'mon princess" Ein: he never calls me princess 😭👿💀

    • Rawan Fakhoury I am huge fan
      Rawan Fakhoury I am huge fan

      I mean maybe

    • Rawan Fakhoury I am huge fan
      Rawan Fakhoury I am huge fan

      Baybe because he is a boy

  • jtg999

    the is a delect vid 😎👌

  • Karljacobsmip

    I been here since 2016!! And Congrats on 10 million by the way this is a new account I will subscribe on my other account to

  • Bunthol Veng
    Bunthol Veng

    Ein:l-look I can be sad 𝗘𝗵-𝗵𝗲𝗵𝗵 Aphmau: *giggle* KC chicken: That’s obviously a fake cry Zane: Release the cake foul beast -Zane 2021

  • Omar Omar
    Omar Omar


  • Martyna Kot
    Martyna Kot

    bruh kawaii-chan gets aphmau cake she still not happy and aphmau want evrything not gold, diamonds, and potatos just want evrything -_-

8 m.
8 m.